I’m Jon Saxton.

I recognize passion and work to convey that in powerful ways. With an eye toward what could be and an understanding of how, I bring energy and ideas to everything I work with.

I’m a graduate of The Ohio State University and a resident of Gainesville, Florida. I’m not too fond of the cold and the snow, so Florida’s summer is the best nine months of the year.

With that said, the remaining three are an excellent excuse to break out the sweater collection.

I have a wonderful fiance named Jenna (hey Siri, set a reminder to change this to wife), and a 7lb rescue terrier named Dusty.

I’m fortunate enough to work alongside a fantastic, highly-talented team at PHOS Creative, where I get to be on the marketing team as well as project manager for branding and website projects.

The best days are when a client sees completed work for the first time – the jump from a wireframe to a website, or a moodboard to an identity.

I believe in good things done well. I look for opportunities to create something outstanding, in the true sense of the word – something that stands out where you wouldn’t expect it to. In situations where resources, training, experience, or understanding lag, creativity can create a breakthrough.

I’m saved by grace through my faith, by God through his son.

I own a mid-level DSLR and like to pretend I’m a photographer.

My lucky number is 11, and I drink coffee.